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5 Business Skills Employers Want in a Data Scientist in 2020

Let’s discover the 5 KEY business skills employers want in a Data Scientist in 2020..

So, you’re a data scientist. You thrive on maths and statistics. You’re confident in using SQL and Python, and have some experience in data cleaning and visualization. Plus, you’re no stranger to machine and deep learning. So, in your opinion, you are the perfect candidate for any high-paying data scientist job. Maybe you’re a seasoned data scientist trying to break new ground. Or you’re a novice who has just completed an online certificate course in the hope of landing an internship at one of the best data science consultancies.

Either way, you go to an interview, already feeling like a winner. You boast about all of your skills, explaining how you know 19 programming languages and want to use them all. By this point, judging by the impressed look on the interviewer’s face, you got the job.

In reality, however, here’s what the employer is thinking: “That’s awesome but I don’t really have a job for another run-of -the mill data scientist. The professional I need is somebody who understands that data is business. What I’m looking for is a data scientist who is well-familiar with the business basics. Someone who knows how to solve ambiguous and complex data problems to extract business value. And is great at sharing their actionable insights with the management, too.

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